pink flowers

The beauty of mistakes

As we continue our journey of life, we undergo many different stages. At times some experiences even seem to repeat themselves. During this beautiful cycle of life people will give us advice with the best intensions. “Be a good person”. “Beware of this and that”. “Make us proud”. The advice I want to give to myself and others: Enjoy your mistakes. There is already so much pressure in being the best version of ourselves. Making mistakes helps us, we learn from them. Just like a flower we grow, our petals will open up and that is the start of a beautiful floral wreath.

I encourage you to make a "mistake". To be honest I'm not fond of using that word, especially not in the creative world. Experimenting or trying something that is out of our comfortzone may feel frightening at first but can be so liberating. When you create, write, draw who is to say that this brushstroke or word or even color is correct except from the author or artist him or herself?