a bright light shines in the dark sky

Starry Sky

The Stars answer to our needs

Imagine walking out at night, you feel this warm summer breeze. The gentle touch of the wind caresses your skin. The rustling leaves and profound darkness have a calming effect. Looking up at the sky you notice that there is this other world beyond our reach.

The pitch dark sky is no more and you get captivated by this deep, bottomless sea that is filled with glowing, shining and bright stars. The effect of this vast, luminous, yet mysterious universe makes us acknowledge just how insignificant we actually are. However feeling small doesn’t have to be bad, because we have the ability to enjoy this breath taking view full of stars, colourful mists, interstellar worlds.

When I look up, so many emotions go through my body. Happiness, gratitude, humbleness and appreciation take place instead of feeling tiny. The impact of feeling overjoyed goes beyond positive emotions. It is a side effect of being thankful for being around the people you love, the people you chose to surround yourself with. Those that love you unconditionally, and don’t ask for anything in return.

This mystical, unique and endless universe has alwasy been a muse to me. I dedicate this collection to those people, that mean the world to me. Perceive its beauty and let it remind you of the love and friendship you receive from others.