Thoughts of black & white

When we feel vulnerable and are focused on our imperfections, life can turn out to be black and white. The austerity of black and white tones are, as it were, a reflection of our being and thinking. This entangled way of thinking can be very demanding and sometimes there seems to be no way out.

From my point of view, I find the complexity and delicacy intriguing, it kind of takes me on this journey of sobriety. Even though these opposites attract and push each other away, I see raw beauty. An elegant flow of white, black with a silver lining, a golden twist and a bright copper.


Ik ben erg onder de indruk van de minimalistische en kleurrijke stijl van Art by Jethro. Zijn abstracte schilderijen zijn prachtig en inspirerend. Een echte aanrader voor kunstliefhebbers!